WordPress 5.0 – What You Need To Know

WordPress makes changes to its CMS platform every few months. And while most of the changes are not substantial, they are always noticeable to those who run a lot of plugins on their site. Through Elementalise, I want to show readers the different ways the upcoming changes are going to impact WordPress sites.

There is going to be some major changes that come through when WordPress 5.0 goes live. It is a little different from the updates that we have seen in the past. While those updates were small and did not have much of an impact, 5.0 is promising to be an entirely different kettle of fish. It is why there will be a lot of featured content on Elementalise in the coming weeks about WordPress 5.0

But I have narrowed down some of the most interesting and important changes into this piece. Here are the major changes coming to WordPress 5.0.

New Platform

While it will still be the WordPress that we all know and love, it is best to think about WordPress 5.0 as a new site. Everything will look and function differently. It can be a difficult adjustment. But it gets easier, especially if you think of it as a brand new site – instead of a few small tweaks like previous updates.

Gutenberg – WordPress Editor

One of the major features that is coming with WordPress 5.0 is the Gutenberg editor. It is a brand new editor from WordPress that is a WYSIWYG style editor. WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get.

The concept of this editor is that it is visual, allowing people to create their pages and different type of content through visual cues. It makes the process of creating a themed site from scratch very simple, even for someone who has no clue about programming languages.

Gutenberg does have some other features, besides being a WYSIWYG editor. It is also a modular builder. And that means that it is possible to create content blocks that can be used multiple times across various pages on the site.

Say you want to create a call to action block on your site and you want to put it on different pages. Now you can edit that box one time and in one place, resulting in it being tweaked on all the pages where it is featured.

Classic Editor Is Still Relevant

Many users may be worried about the classic editor losing relevance. But that will not be the case. Even when the Gutenberg editor is active, it will be possible to install the Classic Editor using a plugin.

Those who have perfected the art of using the current editor will not be out in the cold just yet. But it will be a good idea to get acquainted with Gutenberg sooner than later!

Improvements To The Rest API

The WordPress Rest API is a very useful feature that allows developers to easily send and pull data from a site. It will be much easier for devs to create applications by using the data they are getting from the site.

Intuitive Experience

With Gutenberg and other changes that are being made to how WordPress sites are edited and plugins are incorporated, the goal is to create a more intuitive experience.

WordPress knows that a lot of people that use the platform are not familiar with programming. They know very little to no coding, meaning they want an experience that feels intuitive. And that is what WordPress 5.0 is all about.

Plugins and Themes Will Change

Whenever there is a major update, it is not only the interface and features of the core WordPress product that change. There are always changes to how themes and plugins work within the platform.

As the changes to 5.0 are bigger than what we usually see, it means that plugins and themes will have more issues than usual. It is not a big deal, as most plugins are quickly updated to function within the newer platform.

But it does mean that some plugins may not be as useful as before. While other plugins may emerge to offer features that are relevant to optimizing the WordPress 5.0 experience.

The best way to navigate these changes is to keep up to date with the latest news. Elementalise will be doing a series of posts on WordPress 5.0. There will be details on all the changes, along with information about new plugins and themes that are excelling within the structure of the site.

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