Top Nine Tips For WordPress Beginners

Creating the very first WordPress site can be a huge challenge for many people. There are so many steps to navigate just to get the site up and running. And then it is a challenge to ensure content is optimized and regularly updated.

Everything can feel overwhelming. As someone who got his start through WordPress, I know the feeling. It is why so much of Elementalise is dedicated to providing tips to people who are in the same position I was in years ago.

Here are the top nine tips that will help WordPress beginners optimize their site and content:

  1. There Is No Perfection

It is so tempting to try and make everything about a site perfect. But there is no perfection, whether it is the domain name, site design, article titles or other facets of the page.

Instead of striving for perfection, try to achieve “very good” in every step. It is a much more attainable goal and will stop you from going crazy every step of the way!

  1. Use Facts and Stories

Facts are very important. When a blog, article or product page presents facts, it is reputable and trustworthy. But facts alone are boring.

People do not just want facts. They want a story linked to those facts. When a story is fact-based, it is not only interesting but also relevant. The story will help hook the audience and keep them coming back to the site.

  1. Avoid Long Paragraphs

How many times have you seen pages that have paragraphs that are nine or ten lines long? And how many times did you bother to read beyond one or two of those lines? We are all guilty of skimming or just skipping past long paragraphs.

Do not make that mistake on your site. Ensure that paragraphs are short and to the point. Otherwise, you will lose the interest of the reader.

  1. Headlines Are Vital

Someone could write the very best article, blog post or product description. But if no one makes it past the title, all that effort was wasted.

The entirety of the site’s content matters. But the title is the most important aspect, as it is the part of content that gets the site visitor interested. Put a lot of time into creating engaging and very interesting titles that will convince people to read on.

  1. Use Social Media Cleverly

Social media should be tied into a WordPress site. It does not have to be an account that is updated 100 times a day.

It should be a useful and interesting account that not only shares out links from the site, but also engages with the audience on those social media sites.

  1. Create a Coherent Theme

People come to websites for the content and whatever is being sold. But the way a site looks can create a big impression. It can have a real impact on people’s experiences on the site.

Create a coherent site theme, either from scratch or by using one of the many WordPress themes that are readily available. And then optimize all the pages on the site so they look great within that theme.

  1. Optimize Images

There are two mistakes that a site owner can make with images on their WordPress site. The first is to have images that are so high quality that it takes ages for them to load on various devices or internet connections.

And the other mistake is to use images that are so low quality they look horrible. The key is to find a balance between the two. Optimized images should look great on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. They should also load quickly.

  1. Clean Sidebar

When I first setup the Elementalise site, I noticed that my sidebar was a mess. I had too much content and way too many plugins on the sidebar, resulting in a messy and slow loading site.

Do not make the same mistake. Clean up the sidebar to include the most useful details, such as a photo and about me statement, links to top blog posts, links to social media sites, and a widget that offers a call to action.

  1. Find Inspiration Every Week

Amid all the technical details of running a WordPress site, it can be hard to remain inspired. But it is so important to find inspiration for the posts you are making each week.

When content feels stilted or forced, the reader can tell. Ensure that your inspiration is flowing every week so that you are creating great content your readers will enjoy.

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