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Buzzoid Review | I Purchased Buzzoid’s Instagram Followers/Likes

My Review Rating: 4.9/5

Buzzoid provides users with followers and likes at a lightning-fast rate, even allowing you to schedule likes so that your post can gain hundreds of likes seconds after it was posted. If you want to see your Instagram grow and get more exposure, then take advantage of Buzzoid to get the outreach you deserve.

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Why Do People Buy Instagram Likes/Followers?

Buying followers or likes is simply a tool to boost your social status online. 

When people look for interesting pages to follow, they tend to notice the amount of followers you have or the number of likes your posts get. Even amazing pictures can get little to no exposure, leaving great artists in the shadows. 

By purchasing Buzzoid Instagram followers, you can gain exposure and become more known on Instagram, reaching your targeted followers.

This is my Buzzoid review.

Is Buying Followers & Likes Safe?

Buying followers for Instagram is safe with Buzzoid. Every service provider is different, but Buzzoid has security in place to protect the financial data of all users. To ensure your safety, use a PayPal account to make purchases so that your data is never used on any website to make purchases.

As for your Instagram account – yes, it is completely safe. The only information Buzzoid ever takes from you is your username, so your password is safe. The quality of followers is high, so you won’t need to worry about spam or malicious content.

What Defines a Quality Follower?

The most important thing about followers is assuring that they are human. 

There are many providers that use automatic follow accounts that don’t even look remotely real – there are no pictures, no comments, no profile bio, and no documented interaction besides following individual Instagram pages. These are cheap, but Buzzoid uses real followers and you can still save a ton.

  • Poor: A poor quality follower is just as described above – no pictures, no comments, no followers, nothing. Simply an empty shell occupying a username.
  • Decent: A decent quality Instagram account is a real person that has not logged in for a while. They won’t converse, but their profile is real and there are images and comments as well as even a few followers.
  • Good: Good quality followers have current accounts and comment on, share, and like posts. They are an asset to your Instagram and increase your outreach exponentially.

buzzoid review

Buzzoid Review: The Highlights

Buzzoid has been in the business of marketing for more than a decade. 

When Instagram launched in the year 2011, Buzzoid turned its focus to the social media app and now they use their expertise to provide users with hundreds and thousands of followers and likes as well as video views. 

They have several features that make it the fastest, cheapest, and overall best Instagram service provider on the internet, including:

  • Affordable prices

The prices you will find on Buzzoid’s website are completely affordable. There is no way you will not be able to take advantage of these services at their low costs – getting 100 followers costs less than a cup of coffee from your local breakfast café.

  • Friendly and helpful customer service

The customer service team is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day to make sure you are enjoying your services. If you have questions or concerns about your package, speak with a live representative or email Buzzoid customer service. 

  • The users are real

There is no need to worry about spam bots filling your follower notifications. Every profile that follows or likes your content is real, so your account will remain safe. Buzzoid doesn’t use fake accounts to add followers – your followers will be of the highest quality at the lowest prices on the web.

  • Followers & likes only take minutes

Have you been wondering how long it takes to get followers or likes? If so, you may also be wondering ‘is Buzzoid a scam?’ or ‘is Buzzoid legit?’ The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes – and your proof is delivered within minutes. As soon as you select a package, Buzzoid starts processing your order and delivers followers and likes in just a few minutes.

  • No banned accounts

Buzzoid only uses methods that are secure and safe to deliver followers and likes to your Instagram account. When we say this, it means that our methods do not, in any way, violate any of the rules or terms of service set forth by Instagram. Because of this, your account will never be banned due to our activity, so your safety is assured.

Packages & Pricing

buzzoid review

You can get different packages based on what you want for your Instagram page. The packages start from 100 and go all the way up until 10,000 – each one is priced different but they all have the same basic features:

  • 24 hour support
  • No passwords are required
  • The delivery is fast
  • Followers are of high quality

The packages below can be used to ensure that you gain the followers or likes you desire. Simply go on the website and take a look at them, considering what number would work best for your Instagram account. 

The smallest package, 100 followers, costs less than a bag of chips. Every user can get the benefits of Buzzoid followers & likes in various degrees.

  • 100 – Available for followers & likes
  • 500 – Available for followers & likes
  • 2,500 – Available for followers & likes
  • 5,000 – Available for followers & likes
  • 10,000 – Available for likes only

As you can see, you cannot gain 10,000 followers with Buzzoid. Only Buzzoid Instagram likes are available in packages of 10,000, and users cannot exceed 100,000 followers within a given 30 day timeframe. Even so, you can gain significant outreach with the use of Buzzoid. 

If you would like more than 100,000 followers, there are other services that may be able to deliver higher amounts, but there is no guarantee they will be good quality.

Buzzoid Review: Final Thoughts

As is true for most products or services, you’ll find both positive and negative Buzzoid reviews. For us, the scale tipped way over on the positive side. Buzzoid provides users with followers and likes at a lightning-fast rate, even allowing you to schedule likes so that your post can gain hundreds of likes seconds after it was posted. 

If you want to see your Instagram grow and get more exposure, then take advantage of Buzzoid to get the outreach you deserve.

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