About Us

I’m so happy that you have found my site, Elementalise.com! If you are new to the world of WordPress, or you want to step up the quality of your blog, it is the perfect site for you. It is a site made by someone who got their start with WordPress. And it is my way of giving back to the community.

What is Elementalise?

I got the idea of Elementalise.com a few months ago. My name is Anatoly Popov and I am someone who has worked with websites and online marketing for the past five years. I wanted to create a site where I could put up articles and informational pieces about the topics that I find most interesting – most of which happen to revolve around WordPress.

Do you have something interesting to say? Do you have items that you want to sell? Or are you hoping to create a site to help promote the content that you are publishing on social media or other sites? There are so many interesting, talented and creative people who just need an avenue to get more information out there about themselves. And WordPress can help with that.

When I created the site, I wanted a way for people to learn about the process of creating a blog or website on WordPress. Even though there are tutorials, many of them can seem confusing. And they are often not from the perspective of someone who has limited tech knowledge.

Even though I am now a professional who works in website design and marketing, I remember the days when I was a beginner. I was getting used to the internet and trying to figure out how everything worked. And that is where WordPress helped me so much. I was able to use the site to create my own blog and I have not looked back since!

The site is called Elementalise because I believe that it is elemental for people to know how to create and manage their own site. We are in a digital age where the economy is concerned. No matter what you have to offer, you should have an online presence. And WordPress can make that happen.

I will also cover some of the WordPress plugins that I find the most useful. It will be a regularly updated section where we are going through the most interesting plugins that have come out. There are always updates to these plugins and the WordPress platform itself, and I will attempt to cover the latest news and information in that area as well.

Get In Touch!

A website is nothing without a community around it. I always want to hear from my readers. If you found a tutorial or article helpful, please leave a comment below. And if you have any additions or helpful tips to fellow WordPress users, please do not hesitate to share.

I hope Elementalise can serve as a platform for anyone who is new to WordPress and wants help in getting their first blog off the ground.